Alex Norman

Alex is a born and raised Alaskan Native. He spent several years growing up in McGrath Alaska before moving to Wasilla. Alex is an avid photographer, he enjoys taking photos of the northern lights, stars and galaxies, cars and on occasion portraiture.

Alex began his career in the clinical field at South Central Foundation in 2019. He started out working front desk in the clinic before quickly moving onto a provider team as a scheduler for a large panel of patients. Alex demonstrated great compassion, thoughtfulness and always advocated for the patient to ensure they received the best care that they could get. After assisting in several projects Alex moved to being a program coordinator for the Development Center. His role at the Development Center revolved around managing training for all the medical employees. This entailed the following programs: BLS program for all employees, running the Case Management Support Training program, the Medical Assistant scholarship program, Integrated Care Team training, Provider Motivational Interviewing, CMA/CMS Motivational Interviewing and to a lesser extend several Behavioral Health programs.

Alex now finds himself working with the Palliative Care team as a Practice Support Specialist and is excited to begin this new journey with them at Providence.